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Dear Noble Friends,
We, the Katina group 2022 of Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara, Berwick, are planning to offer the items listed below as “Pirikara” to “Maha Sangha” on the day of Katina (16th October 2022).
If you wish to contribute please let us know the “Pirikara” item / items and the quantity that you would like to offer by contacting any of the below individuals from the 2022 Katina group on or before 7th October 2022. They will let you know the availability.
Once you’ve discussed and reserved your contributions, please bring them to the Vihara and hand them over to the 2022 Katina group members on 8th and 9th October 2022.
With Meththa,
Katina Group 2022
Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara
Contact details (Ata Pirikara / Cash Pirikara)
Contact details (Other Pirikara)
  1. Ata Pirikara – $100 (Click here to pay online)
  2. Ata Pirikara – $50 (Click here to pay online)
  3. Cash Pirikara – $25/$50 (Click here to pay online)
  4. Any items for the Kapruka including cash Pirikara (Click here to pay online)
  5. Other Pirikara – see the list below:
    1. Dairylea Cheddar Cheese (500g) x 70
    2. Chocolate – Ferrero Rocher (400g) x 35
    3. Cetaphill cream (250g) x 35
    4. Cetaphill moisturiser lotion (1.25L) x 35
    5. Sustagen Hospital Active (840g Vanilla) x 35
    6. Imperial Leather Bar Soap (4 pack) x 35