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New School Building
    • Estimated project cost: $2,503,442 ($2.5M)
    • Grants received:
      • Australian Government Funding: $780,000 under Community Development Grant Scheme.
      • Other Funding: $240,000 by the State Government of Victoria under Multicultural Infrastructure Project.
      • BVV Inc. contribution: $1,483,442 by Buddhist Vihara Victoria Inc. in cash and in-kind (Volunteer Workers and Professional services)
    • This facility comprises of;
      • Seventeen classroom facilities (total building area 1200 Sqm.)
      • Stage facility (56 Sqm stage for performances)
      • Built-in operable (separators) in ground floor to divide classrooms during school operating hours.
      • Upper floor 6 classrooms – separated permanently for classrooms, advanced education, share knowledge through discussions etc.
      • Library, staff room, kitchenette, office room, AV room, storeroom, changing rooms
    • This facility will also provide the opportunity for practicing meditation and learning Buddha’s teachings in a peaceful tranquil area away from main facilities.
    • Opening ceremony is tentatively scheduled for Sep/Oct 2021)

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