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Fence and gates
Proposed design of fence, gates and gate pilers

The Vihara organises many events on weekly, monthly, and annual basis for the benefit of the public. The Vihara operates a Buddhism and Sinhalese Language School that has over 450 registered students to date. For the safety of resident monks, students or visitors, there are no proper fences to the northern and western boundaries of the premises.

The proposed project is to secure the Vihara premises with security fences, remote-control gates at the four entrances to the premises. The northern boundary of the Vihara premises along the Homestead Road is 96m long, while the western boundary along the Ward Road is 274m long. Both these boundaries do not have any fences at present.

Why is this project so important?

  • To provide a safe and secure premises for the general activities of the Vihara community, always ensuring the safety and wellbeing of participants and the resident monks.
  • To provide a safe and secure premises to the Dhamma and Language School students and teachers. This will help the school management to ensure most effective teaching and adherence to the safety and disciplinary protocols of the school.
  • To prevent unwarranted and unauthorised access into the Vihara premises and trespassing, particularly during night times.
  • To minimise thefts and damages to the Vihara property, including the new School building and its contents.

After a few failed attempts to secure a government grant for the project, the committee of management has decided to start the project with the contributions from our valuable devotees and well wishers due to the urgency of ensuring the safety of the Dhamma and Language School students. 2022 ‘Vas’ group took the initiative by contributing to the constructions of the northern boundary (Homestead Road side) fence and gates and BVV would like to offer you the opportunity to contribute for the western boundary (Ward Road side) constructions.

You may contribute to a 1m of the security fence with just $190 and there are other options available too. Please use the online payment form below or offline payment methods provided for your contributions. All contributions to this project are tax deductible for Australian taxpayers.

Sliding Gates

2 x Gates to the western boundary
$ 7,500
  • 2200H*8000W metal pressed spear sliding gate 100*100*2.0 frame
  • BFT ARES Veloce smart motor
  • Photocell
  • Touch keypad

Fence Panels

260m Long metal fence for the western boundary
$ 190
per meter
  • 2100H*2400H metal pressed spear security panel
  • 100*100*2.0*2900 Square posts
  • Includes post caps
  • Black colour
  • Includes installation

Concrete Piers

12 x Concrete piers for 3 gates
$ 1,000
  • 2340H*460W Concrete piers and 0.6m3 footing
  • Includes pier caps
  • Includes delivery
  • Installation is not included

Gate Lamps

12 x Pier mount lamps for the 3 gates
$ 340
  • Black colour
  • Includes cost of a lamp, wiring and installation

Bank transfers:

Please use the below bank details and reference number to transfer money for the item you selected and send the payment confirmation receipt via email to [email protected] with your name, phone number, selected item(s).

Name of Account: Buddhist Vihara Victoria Inc Building Fund
BSB: 033-281
Account Number: 166 023
Bank: Westpac
Payment Reference: FENCE

By card or cash at the Vihara:

Alternatively, you may visit the location dedicated specially for security fence and gates project contributions to use the specially printed envelops to place the cash or EFTPOS card payment receipt inside with your name, phone number and the item(s) selected.

May your contributions to the Vihara bring you and your family peace and happiness every day in your life!